Monday, August 30, 2010

S' much to blog, so hot....

Sunday, August 29, 2010
I’m in a daze still, is it fatigue, jet-lag, or a basic numbness to the drastic, crazy life choice I have just embarked upon?? Blake has another nasty sinus cold, hoping and praying with his nasty snot producing sneezing he’ll clear out the sinuses and avoid a secondary infection. I still don’t know diddly about our health insurance, much less a physician to call upon. Nevertheless, we start the big 3 year old birthday at 3am. Yes, folks, 3am. At 6am we headed to a very large store in little India called Mustafa. It has everything you could possibly dream of buying and for much less than the regular, non-smelly stores. A Kmart or Wal-Mart type. I was the whitest of all, I don’t think many tourists nor expats visit here, but I could be wrong. Within 1 hour 3 people asked if the boys were twins, 2 insisted on scrubbing Blake’s hair and 1 on doing high-fives over and over with Blake. Purell anyone?? Yes, it’s in the DOUBLE wide stroller with me, which I have brought along which now seems a bit overbearing. Oh well, they are both exactly where I left them when I turn to read 1 of the 50 varieties of rice, so I guess it’s worth it. After 2 buses, 2 MRT rides, and then a cab ride, I am READY for home. Home where I am NOT sweating. Naps for everyone, and then off to Chili’s a familiarity we needed tonight and a birthday chocolate molten cake. Yum!@!! And being the heathens we are today, we stopped off to get a much overdue hair cut for the boys.. SO sad, I actually came home and fixed them both with the handy-dandy scissors I brought along. With boys in the Asian person side bathtub, I go to tend to the dirty dishes that have to be hand washed, where is that domestic helper again?, and end the evening with a cock roach on my kitchen counter. SIGH…now, cock dead, dishes are done, I’m freaking about leaving out the bread, both boys crying their eyes out due to fatigue and I wonder, “wow, what have I done?”

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  1. Nanci,

    Way to go creating your blog. Now all you need is a cute background. They are free at several places. Just type free blog backgrounds into google and some sites will pop up. I loved reading about the shopping and the little step. Keep up the good work. I hope your son gets better soon. I added myself as a follower but it doesn't show my face just a silly shadow person.