Monday, September 13, 2010

4 Buses, 2 Trains and a Taxi... The ZOO

Monday, September 13, 2010
Left for the Singapore zoo at 8am....

Seattle Zoo:  Load kids in carseats, turn on A/C, stop by Blazing Bagels for breakfast, put in a DVD to keep the kids quiet, drive 45+ min and then a 5 minute walk into the zoo after parking. 

Singapore Zoo: 
5 min walk to bus #1, 5 min ride, but must board with GINORMOUS Double Bob AND keep 2 kids close by as they LOVE the bus and run to the back out of sight.  Pay with tapping a card and paying with change for boys, all while holding said stroller.  Now, I have to pay attention so I don't forget to 'alight' at the correct stop.  (Alight means Get OFF).  Bus #1 stops, I SCREAM for kids, we all alight but don't forget to tap my card to avoid paying too much for the ride. 

Wait 15 min in swealtering heat for the next bus, I'm all wet, but grateful we didn't have to walk anywhere in the sun, I forgot the hats and sunscreen.  Board bus #2 with said stroller and 2 kids, pay and argue with driver about paying for Jacques (he didn't want to charge me as he only saw Blake).  English but with STRONG accents.....  I go to sit and can't see Jacques, I SCREAM again, I find Jacques at the back of the bus.  Ride for 30+min, actually I've lost track how long it's been now.  Alight, tapping the card again and lugging the BOB and 2 kids, who are now tired and are wondering if the zoo is ever going to happen.

Wait another HOUR, ok not really but felt like it.  No one was around at this stop, I started to wonder if I was in the wrong country and then finally the bus arrives.  Bus #3.  5 min and we alight at the zoo.  FINALLY.

1030a ZOO.  Was it really over 2 hours?   The zoo was FABULOUS

1230p.... better start heading home now so I can be home for naps... guess I thought I was in Seattle.  Panic, have to get kids home and forgot to get bus #s for the reverse travel... What, it's not the same as the route you came???  NO.  Ugh.  I try to use my new google map and explorer map on my phone for directions, both are conflicting and I panic.  Get on bus #1 anyway, he drives for a bit and tells us to get off.  We alight, I look up and there are HUNDREDS of buses, some sort of depot.  Man approaches me as I look REALLY out of place and scared (scared because now I'm missing naptime not for any other reasons).  He tells me I have 3 more buses, #x, #xx, & #xxx.  I nod and think, WHATEVER.  I started to walk to find a taxi, I didn't care if it was $500, but then I saw the MRT sign, AHH TRAINS  I know I can figure that out and it's underground and have a/c, not that it matters, I'm soaking wet, my back, pants, all wet.  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  I was wrong.  We got on train #1, luckily in the right direction, but it was a deadend, now for train #2.  Got on #2  after long debate with a friendly by-stander.  Got on my phone again, found the name of an exit a few stops up and figured out how far it was from home, "4 min, Taxi $3.60" the column read... YES, I'm there.  I hopped off just as the doors were slamming shut (a man actually helped push the other end of my stroller out of the doors) it was funny.  Followed the signs for TAXI.  Told the Taxi driver, who had to bungie cord tie his trunk shut with said stroller, "STEP on it, we are late for naps."

Home.  230p


  1. You are one brave women. I'm glad you had fun at the zoo. Is it just like a zoo in the states with the animals all far away and sleeping?

  2. Nanci.. for about 10$- 15$ You could have could a taxi all the way home. I know in the beginning i never wanted to spend the money.. But you have to do it when you have little boys. Add up what you spent to get home and the time. Worth the it. i alway bus/trained to places but if I was just so tired I would taxi home. From orchard I think there is a bus that goes all the way to the zoo? not sure. Glad it was worth it. Love hearing about your experiences..funny