Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fried Rice....YUM...Hawker Stall

Friday, September 3, 2010
Stalls as we locals call them :), or Hawker stalls by others... they are an outside food court where you can get super cheap food but don’t ask for a cup of water or a napkin, you are to bring those yourself. They all have a government rating for cleanliness etc “A” being the best down to an “E” where there is no one waiting in line. Some locals say “A’s” aren’t any good, not enough “flavor” but my digestive system says stick with the A’s and B’s for now. I wouldn’t have normally ventured here alone, but our realtor recommended it to us. We’ve now been twice. You can get creative too I hear, ask for spicy and they’ll throw in some chili’s that will burn baby burn (Jacques and I are enjoying the spicy part of food where the other boys are staying bland). Also, if you ask for the “meat” to be de-boned, they will. Something about eating meat on the bone just doesn’t sit well with me, even in America. So yesterday the little boys and I ran across the BUSY street, with all the other business people scurrying to these shadow’d places to eat... for dirt cheap. The fried rice lady quickly recognized me and offered spicy rice. Is this a good thing or bad????

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