Monday, September 6, 2010

My 1st real day....

Monday, September 6, 2010
Alexander returned to work today after being off and working from home for weeks.  At 1st I was mad, WHAT was I going to do with my 2 wild boys with no car to escape to?  So we started with some cartoons and laundry to get my head on straight and then thought we could head out to Ikea where both could go in the play place and I could shop for some apartment furniture.  But HOW do I get there, HOW and HOW much cash do I need... gotta have cash on hand here.  A major adjustment for me, I was a credit card queen and then paid that off online every month, no cash, cash was for babysitters and that was it.  So I grabbed a look at a website called and I typed in where we live and where I wanted to go and voila, taxi was only going to be a few $.  I was thrilled!!!  We all got dressed and headed out to hail a cab outside our apartment, SO weird to be saying this, such a huge change for me/us.  The cab driver started asking me questions (not usual from the few times I've riden in them) and then said as he glanced over his shoulder, "you have 2 boys" and I said, "yes".  He then said, "you must have another lady baby like you, you have such pretty eyes your husband must have fallen in love with you because of your eyes".  I was shocked and said thanks and then the conversation ended.  haha 
GREAT time at Ikea and a nice cab ride back home for naps and pool time.  The water is actually really cold, no complaints.  Nice.  Now it's dinner, tonight we are going American/Italian.  We've been eating fried rice so often and last night it was SPICY fried rice and a Indian chicken dish.  All good but need a little balance and familiarity.  However, I craving spring rolls!

Tomorrow we're going to Underwater World to look at the fishies.  That will be more of an adventure, couple buses and trains... ugh.  Stroller time. 

P.S. We mailed off our offer letters for our apartment.... pray we get it if it's meant to be!

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  1. I love it that you are blogging about your adventures! Ever think about turning it into a screenplay?? You could so sell this to Hollywood.

    Miss you guys!