Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ok, what gives??? SQUATTER

Friday, September 3, 2010
I guess they are called a squatter... I always called them Turkish toilets, but who knows... These are not just in old parts of town, or old buildings, they are in NEW malls and NEW apartments also. I don’t get it. Someone PLEASE tell me... WHY would anyone WANT one??? Seriously, I’m quite perplexed. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but usually I have to take my pants DOWN to potty and then do what with them as they brush against the nasty urine stained floor? I’m sorry to be so graphic and gross, but I’m seriously wondering what other women think and maybe a tip or 2.... GROSS.


  1. Nanci,

    I hope you don't have a toilet like that in your apartment. I wouldn't find that comfortable at all. Hey you should let our ward's sister swap know that you have a blog so you can get lots of followers. Way to go with four blog posts already.

  2. LOL! I remember the first time I encountered one of these. Total confusion at first. I still don't get the appeal. And it was a more modern facility too!!