Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Singapore Zoo... a different experience this go 'round

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Left for the zoo a bit after 730am.  Took the usual 3 buses with ease today, but it's still WAY too long and my stroller is still WAY too big.  We took the buses up because I wanted to be there when the doors open and is during "peak hours" for a taxi ride.  It's an add'l 35% during peak hours and since I didn't know how much it would cost so I decided buses up, taxi home during non peak times and when I'm most exhausted.  More on that later, read on.

We got there about 9 and the boys were ready to rumble.  I got out my huge stroller, got the frozen ice water bottles settuated (situated for some of y'all) and we were off.  Off to see the croc & then we were headed to the right this time... right into the monkeys!!!  Seriously, there were 3 wild monkeys on a sign ready for feeding or watching, whatever it was, we watched on.  Weird lookin' monkeys too.  This zoo has everything, except show-case spiders (no prob) and you can virtually touch most animals, don't worry, we didn't.  We also had a GIANT lizard, like 3 feet long, run right in front of us.  Lizards and birds and monkeys oh my, are all around you all the time, it's really REAL.  Made me remember the travel clinic lady saying to STAY AWAY FROM THE MONKEYS... uh oh... haha  There are so many types of monkeys too.  I think I enjoyed myself as much or more than the boys did... except the sweating.  It is so wet and hot.  As soon as I applied sunscreen I sweat it off.  Jacques even said, "Mama, this hat is making me all sweaty" but his skin is so fair like mine, it was a no brainer to keep it on.  Sorry Jacques.  Blake was only interested in the hat when he realized it had a cool looking crab on it.  Then he wanted to wear it... oh wait, no he couldn't see the crab so he took it off again. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots.  These animals are so close and so beautiful... I loved the lemurs but they were napping so only these fellas gave us a shot. :)

We made our way to the very top of the zoo, ok it's the top of the paper, to the water park.  Boys were thrilled to shed their sweaty clothes and jump in....then this big bucket of water came crashing down and scared Blake so he didn't want any more of it.  I wish I would have brought my suit... I was so sweaty and hot, a nice cool swim would have been awesome.... but who would photo everything or protect my camera and who would carry around my purse?  Domestic helper, where are YOU?  Most expat people I see in the stores have one with them, grocery, zoo, shopping mall, dinners.  It was still a nice time and I got my feet and legs wet. 
Behind the water park are more parks for kids.  Jacques burned his bare feet on one of the play structures so we moved on... to another area, it was like a training ground for the military, "river crossing", "wobbly board", "wobbly bridge" and the ZIP line over sand that nearly killed me.  haha  I rode it so Blake would give it a try, I think he enjoyed my misery more.

We had a fabulous time, this zoo is amazing, but Blake wanted home so at 1255p we headed back to the front.  A quick walk through a garden where there were at least 100 kids on a fieldtrip but I got a few shots of some orchids... wow, they were so pretty.  Wait a minute, fieldtrip?  To the zoo?  Wow, to be a kid today.  Taxi, $14.60, DOOR TO DOOR.  We were home and in bed by 130p!  Ahhh.... this is the way to do it!  I'll figure it out eventually, right?

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  1. It sounds like you are getting the hang of Singapore. Your visit to the zoo sounded fun. I'm anxious to see some photos of your new digs. You must live with some rich folks if they drive cars like the ones you posted.