Sunday, October 31, 2010

Curry Q

Monday, November, 1, 2010 - As most of you know, I'm not adventurous, especially with food, so when the tour lady said, "are you willing to try one", I said, "of course"!  haha  So I tried it and it's awesome.  It looks gross inside, but don't be fooled, it's yummy.  It has a puff pastry type crust on the outside, which helped get it in my mouth to begin with, and contains potatoes, chicken and hard boiled eggs on the inside.  Not curry but maybe a touch of the seasoning used in making curry.  It's very good, a bit spicy and eaten hot!  I ventured out today and bought my own from the little stand outside the mall.  The boys liked it too.  Of course Blake only took little bites, but HEY, that's more than usual for him.  There are other types of Curry puffs as well called Curry Chicken etc, but this one is the best, so she says. 
Amazing how a bit of knowledge goes a long way, the tour guide walked through the food court with me explaining what and where everything was from.  Will I remember it all, no, but I tried something else new, a Malaysian type dish, with green beans, rice and pepper chicken.  Perfect portions, hot & fresh and only $3S!!!  The rice is different, the pepper chicken had it's own unique flavor and the beans were beans.  Healthy and good.  And I know the food stand I'll never order from which contains very healthy food BUT everything has fish in it.  YUCK, I hate fish.  So that's all, another tid-bit from S'pore.  Curry puff or as the sign calls it, Curry Q.

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